Conscience is a band made up of several nationalities (FR/USA/PT) that produces a truly complete mix of metal energy and progressive music moods in songs with very catchy vocal melodies composed to be played live. Discovered by opening for NIGHTWISH at Le Zenith de Paris in front of nearly 7000 people, the group is cut for the stage, delivering shows of incredible energy, honed by participating in many festivals and turning everywhere in France. This solid reputation of “live” band leads them to be regularly solicited to open for foreign bands, including ANATHEMA, EPICA, ACT, ARENA, RIVERSIDE, FATES WARNING, ADX, BUMBLEFOOT, SONATA ARCTICA, DEAD SOUL TRIBE or ICED EARTH...

The third album, In the solace of harm’s way, is undoubtedly the one of their discography which best transcribes this spirit “live”. The two singles, the very rock At Night whose theme remains in mind throughout the album and the emotional Life Takes a Turn, alongside some of the most progressive songs of the group (Ascending Rain, Inreach) or There Aren’t many Nightmares whose supra-efficient riffs bring us back to the heavy / trash metal origins. 

This new album is part of the continuity of the two previous albums concepts that find their inspiration in the poems of Nicolas Moulard, French author living in New York.

Conscience are Stephane Da Silva (drums), Matt Johansson (guitars & vocals), Thomas Jaegle (guitars & vocals), João Pascoal (bass guitar) et Matthieu Vallé (keyboards & guitars).


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